Hextris the Hexagon Tetris

A fun variation of traditional tetris that's played in a hexigon with coloured blocks falling from each side of a hexigon. Complete 3 colour blocks to remove sections.

Traditional 2D Tetris Game

This is your standard Tetris type game with coloured blocks of different shapes and sizes. It's a pretty fun game to play here at Puzzle Games 4 PC.

Crossword Puzzle Game

This crossword puzzle game is a one off game that you can play directly within your browser. Give it a shot and let me know if you'd like me to do up some additional ones.

Elements Puzzle Themed Pokie

A fun Australian online casino pokie game that offers a puzzle theme. This online pokie game is developed by NetEntertainment a leader in online gambling technologies.

About Online Games

Information about our website and playing puzzle and other games online

Puzzle Games 4 PC is a website that provides free puzzle themed games. We've sourced out both projects from Github that appear to be more or less complete. We may also include games that are puzzle related by nature such as online pokies and casino type game as there appear to be a few of these circulating on the web. This website is entirely for fun and intended for entertainment purposes only. If you decide to play at an online casino and these types of games I suggest that you check with the local laws where you live before you do so. Here in Australia where I live online gambling is not necessarily illegal for us players to enjoy playing but rather somewhat a gray area for the operators that provide the services. I don't provide any links here on PuzzleGames4PC.com to any online casino websites.

Most of the games that I've featured that are Github games are HTML5 powered so they should definitely work on all PC's and will likely also work on most Mac computers. Additionally some of these projects use responsive design meaning that you'll be able to play these even on your Android and iOS powered devices (note: they may not work perfectly so if they don't work 100% on your mobile or tablet device please just play on your laptop or desktop computers).

A little about me now. My name is Joseph Marion I'm by no means the most savvy web guy but I am a fan of games online of all types. I decided to develop and launch this website in order to provide some simple free and fun games that I find online that are based on projects that look promising or at the very least appear complete. Although I'd like to think that I'll have all the time in the world to focus on this website and provide visitors to the site with great games unfortunately I likely won't. This is why I would like to rely on other peoples experiences with free HTML5 games to make recommendations on projects out there or other games that I can integrate into this site. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!